1998 Harley Davidson | Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletters were a popular mode of communications in the ’90’s and YDG produced many periodical newsletters for clientele throughout Northwest Ohio.  “The Legend” stands out as fun and memorable project.

Working with a well-protected national brand reinforced all I had learned —and taught me some new techniques— regarding Corporate Identity standards.

1997 NOFP | Pocket Folder

At a time when 4-color printing was not cost effective for many projects, we achieved the “high-end” results desired for this piece with creative use of black + metallic duotones.

1996 CMH | Logo + ID

The comprehensive re-branding of Community Memorial Hospital spanned several years in the ’90s.  The logo and stationery design were created and implemented in 1996 – winning national recognition and publication in the 1997 issue of “American Corporate Identity.”

1994 NES | Trade Show Display

Double booth design and production

National Emergency Services, Physician Recruitment

National Pharmaceutical Conference, McCormick center, Chicago